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Like so many small business ideas, and particularly in the food, drinks and hospitality sector, the idea for dry. And to sell Healthy Non Alcoholic Drinks came from personal experience.

I have always enjoyed good quality beer ales and lager – particularly as I’ve gotten older. In 2019 I suffered a major health scare and as a result, decided to drastically reduce my alcohol intake. Being somebody who grew up during the 70s and 80s my experiences of non-alcoholic drinks and non alcoholic spirits in the UK was awful - brands like ‘Kaliber’ and ‘Barbican’ were a really poor substitute for any kind of alcoholic beer. I was also reluctant to use soft drinks as a replacement if I was meeting friends in a pub or restaurant or even entertaining at home.

It therefore came as a pleasant surprise that when I tried non-alcoholic beer, I recognised the huge improvement in taste and quality there had been over the last 30 years. I still drink alcoholic beer but now balance it with non-alcoholic alternatives. The benefits aren't just medical but also in terms of lifestyle from drinking Healthy Non Alcoholic Drinks - lower calories and of course lack of the dreaded ‘fuzzy head’ mornings, particularly weekdays.

I did my research and found out that non-alcoholic beer is one of the fastest growing sectors in the drinks market. Specialist brewers have sprung up across the country and established craft ale producers have also ventured into the market - the quality of the products is excellent and improving all the time. Production has changed radically since the bad old days of the 1980s and there is now very little difference, apart of course from the alcohol content, between the process of producing non-alcoholic craft beer and ‘ordinary’ beer. There are even excellent ranges of 0 alcohol gin and non alcoholic spirits UK.
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My original career was in the corporate world but for the last 10 years I have been running several coffee shops with the help of my wife. I returned to the corporate world following my illness, but my mindset has changed. I find it hard to generate any enthusiasm working for large organisations and I’m far more productive and creative when working for myself or on my own projects. Knowing how unsettled I was back in the corporate world, my wife suggested that I start a new business venture. Something that would capitalise on the interest and knowledge I have gathered over the past few years, and hence ‘dry.’ was created.

The brand ‘dry.’ is a nod towards the businesses my wife and I started 10 years ago - two coffee shops, firmly established in Shrewsbury and both called ‘stop.’
dry. (no capital d) is about offering the very best in the world of craft and specialist non-alcoholic beer and alcohol free drinks UK - steering away from the big corporate brands and focusing on craft brewers who offer the very best in terms of taste and diversity.

What I offer to my customers, both retail and trade, is an ever-expanding range of the Best non alcoholic beer and Alcohol free drinks UK backed up by advice and guidance from a specialist in the field. Experience in the hospitality industry has also given me a great insight into providing excellent customer service and this is something which l bring
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