Shropshire Oktoberfest

Our preparations continue for the Shropshire Oktoberfest later this week. A few days ago, we took delivery of three kegs of our most local alcohol-free craft beer – Birmingham Brewery Company’s ‘Sober Brummie’.  Alongside the excellent local brewers of Shropshire, we’ll be selling this alcohol-free pale ale in draught form at the

Our presence at the show is clearly a bit of a gamble – so many people wanting to get ‘stuck in’ to the ‘normal’ beer - but we’re hopeful there will be plenty of people who are also there for the music, comedy etc., and who may want to try something a little different.  It also happens that rail travel over the days of the show will sadly be affected by the latest rail strikes.  Given how many people travel each year to take part in Oktoberfest in Shrewsbury, we may be able to catch the interest of the many ‘designated drivers’ likely to be there.

Trade show

It is a sign of how the alcohol-free drinks market has expanded that, a trade show we are off to this week is being staged at London’s huge Olympia exhibition centre.  We will be searching ‘Low2noBev’ for product ideas, and particularly looking out for (non-beer) products to complement our range when we open our shop…

Shop opening

We are now only a couple of weeks away from opening our shop in the centre of Shrewsbury.  We will reveal details (including location) shortly, but we can confirm we’re planning to stock local products alongside our own range of beers. For example, we will offer a selection of the delicious kombucha drinks brewed locally by Sunuva Booch Ltd. Also, we will be stocking local firm Straight & Narrow’s 0% alcohol

Finally, you can’t drink any kind of beer or without a tasty snack close at hand, so we will be selling both Two Farmers’ crisps (from Herfordshire) and (Shrewsbury based) Oak Apples’ cheese nibbles – both high quality


Sober October is just a few days away - look out on our website and social media platforms for exciting promotions and discounts to celebrate the occasion.

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