My non-alcoholic beer selling journey starts.

It’s been an enormously busy time trying to tick off an ever-growing list of tasks I need to accomplish before I formally start trading.  This has been made even more difficult as unfortunately I'm having two see at my notice with my existing corporate employer.  It is something I am finding extremely difficult - having to retain a sense of professionalism and enthusiasm whilst my real focus is elsewhere given my lack of enthusiasm but still trying to remain professional.

Despite having started several businesses in the past I'd actually forgotten how challenging this time could be. financial issues such as opening bank accounts, registering for VAT, choosing accounting packages, EPOS systems etc., whilst being familiar to me are still enormously Time consuming. Alongside these tasks I've also had to navigate the more unfamiliar territory of setting up a website which will double as a sales platform – critical until I can secure an appropriate premises as a shop window for my products.   I have also secured my first big delivery directly from a non-alcoholic brewery and have also been approaching bars and restaurants in my hometown to promote trade sales.  Compared with my experience in hospitality this has been step outside my comfort zone - obviously by the time people step in the door of our stop. coffee shops they've already taken the decision to buy a cup of coffee. - with dry. I am attempting to persuade people to make the purchase.

One thing which is running alongside the development of the website and online shop is my search for a premises within my hometown of Shrewsbury that I can use, first and foremost a shop but also as a storage facility and office.  Working, from home with my stock stacked around me is not the best way to start a new venture

Being a start-up, it is difficult two develop relationships directly with Brewers. But this is the avenue I really want to pursue, so that I can make my own decisions on the range of stock I am providing and offer what I feel is the very best in the sector for customers rather than rely on a wholesalers’ interpretation.

Phew……………………………. back to it.

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