I've had an incredibly busy few weeks with a huge amount of multitasking - a discipline as a man I often struggle with.

I've been sampling (#perk) and ordering stock, continuing to develop the website I'm hoping to launch this week, visiting cafes and restaurants around Shrewsbury to pitch my proposition, and arranging a storage facility, so that our conservatory can be given back to domestic use (allowing ‘pip the cat’ free reign over the area).

The sales ‘pitch’ I made to trade customers last week secured my first two orders!  I'm incredibly grateful to two local restaurants; The Walrus and The Olive tree for being my first proper customers - hopefully the first of many.

My search for a retail premises in Shrewsbury continues, so I must grudgingly accept continual trips to the storage unit.

One, less than glamourous task I've also been doing, with varying degrees of success, is sourcing packaging to enable me to send the products safely via courier.  It has made me realise the sheer amount of waste which is produced by online shopping.  Being a great believer in reusing, not just recycling, certainly initially I will be trying to reuse any packaging my stock is sent in to send onwards to customers.  It's not a huge environmental commitment, but every little helps in my view.

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